Our Tank Replacement Services

Our Tank Replacement Service - Telephone - 07970-491026

We are a small company that can offer everything an oil tank user would need. Being OFTEC registered proves we do not cut corners to save a penny that could cost you and the environment a fortune. We work closely with plumbers and OFTEC registered engineers to give a complete service.

Regulations imposed on oil tank installations are for your benefit. An oil leak is a very costly thing to clean up. Large fines have also been imposed in the past. The main causes of most incidents are badly positioned tanks or they have been put on badly prepared bases and never maintained since installation. An oil tank should be inspected annually then any potential problems can be remedied before they become a major incident.

The Services we offer are listed below:

Base preparation and install the base to the required size.
Building of all necessary fire walls and concrete bunds.
Oil line installation from tank to boiler.
Put in all the necessary filters, valves etc.
Test and bleed the system them fire the boiler.
Licensed disposal of all waste oil and tanks.
Cold cutting service.
Waste oil disposal.
Annual tank and base inspection.
We use more than one local tank supplier so we can offer a large range of tanks.

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For a no obligation quotation please contact Jason below on
Telephone - 07970-491026 or Email - Jason.Penrice@adlerandallan.co.uk