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Atlas Oil Tank suppliers

Whether you are replacing a rusty steel oil tank or installing a brand new heating system, you need to be sure you are using the best oil tank suppliers. You want a strong, maintenance-free tank at an affordable price. A tank that will give you security and many years of trouble-free service so if you want a tank you can install and forget about thats an Atlas tank. Atlas are one of the biggest oil tank suppliers in the UK. Atlas tanks are manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest standards; their attractive designs have been tested for quality and strength by scientists at Europe’s leading plastics research laboratory at Queen’s University, Belfast. CLICK HERE for more information on Atlas Tanks

Titan Oil Tank suppliers

Titan Environmental is part of Kingspan Environmental Containers Limited. The company is best known for its extensive range of polyethylene oil tanks. As the market leading supplier Titan lead the way in the development of safe oil storage solutions. This is demonstrated with brands such as Ecosafe, a range of bunded oil tanks designed to exceed the current regulations. Titan Environmentals range of oil tanks are available through a comprehensive UK network of oil tank suppliers, merchants, distributors, oil companies and approved installers. CLICK HERE for more information on Titan Tanks

Balmoral Oil Tank suppliers

Demonstrating its commitment to you, the tank user, Balmoral raised the standards of fuel oil storage by being the first company to have its products certified and accredited by bodies such as OFTEC, BBA and IP. Balmoral oil tank suppliers also introduced a tank registration scheme, the first of its kind, to allow full product tracking and maintenance programmes to be carried out. The range of tanks on offer is unmatched, both in capacity and type including single skin, bunded, underground. CLICK HERE for more information on Balmoral Tanks

Harlequin Oil Tank suppliers

For over twenty years, Clarehill has pioneered the development of rotationally moulded environmental containers, in markets throughout the British Isles and further afield. Today, Clarehill is firmly established as the United Kingdom’s truly independent manufacturer of rotationally moulded fuel storage products including Harlequin oil tanks, under the Harlequin brand. CLICK HERE for more information on Harlequin Tanks

Tuffa Oil Tank suppliers

The Easy-Fill range of Tuffa oil tanks are a totally enclosed bunded tank to conform to current regulations. Tuffa is virtually unique within the UK oil storage industry, by being both a plastic tank installer and manufacturer. Current customers include BP, Q8, Shell, Total, Fina and Elf and the Uttoxeter based company provides a range of plastic tanks (including single skin and bunded tanks for the storage of heating fuels and bunded diesel storage tanks) with capacities from 1,350 litres through to 15,000 litres. CLICK HERE for more information on Tuffa Tanks

PC Roto Mouldings Tanks

Formed at the end of 1996, we manufacture a range of domestic oil storage and water storage attic tanks, Class 1 and Class 2 petrol and bypass interceptors, split traps, septic tanks, waste water treatment plants, forecourt products, i.e. secondary containment chambers, underground pump sumps and pump frames. A number of our oil tank range are manufactured in accordance with OFTEC OFST 100. Also two of our tanks are listed on the Housing Excuative product listing in Northern Ireland.

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Carbery Plastics Oil Tanks

Carbery Plastics was set up in Clonakilty in 1977 and was one of the first companies to get involved in the manufacture of Carbery Oil Storage Tanks. The company is very involved in research and development of new products and in the constant update and improvement of its existing range. Carbery Plastic Oil Tank range of Oil Storage Tanks are manufactured in tough polyethylene with our Single-Skin Oil Storage Tanks range and our new "Tank-in-a-Tank" Bunded Oil Storage Tanks and Bunded Waste Oil Tanks.

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